Streamlined and Ready

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After several months of editing, sound improvements, and tough love, Blues Legend has lost several pounds and is ready to enter the ring again.  It now weighs-in at just under thirty minutes.

At this point we’ve collected three American Tracks Music Awards, and a nomination in the Depth of Field International Film Festival Competition.

We’ve entered the shorter version in six festivals for 2018, and hope for the best.

Thanks for looking in on us!



Second Music Award

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It’s a great honor to announce that Brandee Simone of The Salvation Alley String Band has captured The American Tracks Music Award for “Best Female Performer”.

The song is “Christian Heart”, and plays during a cemetery scene in Mississippi, reminiscent of the Crossroads legend.

This is our second ATMA, and we are very proud.  We’ve also reached “Pre-selection” status for the Madrid Art and Film Festival, so fingers are crossed to be fully selected.

Thanks and stay tuned!


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Filming Blues Legend was such a great adventure, and it felt natural.  There were many times when I spent weekend after weekend calling people to film scenes, and they couldn’t do it, but in the end it was completed.  Compromised from the original script – sure – but completed.

The music is our saving grace.  Did I really need countless scenes to drive home the misery of Paul LaRose and his alcoholic downfall?  No.  Did I need to spend so much time depicting his breakdown and eventual recovery, with a multitude of flashbacks?  Not a fan.  But when you are unable to film key scenes due to cast availability, and you’re looking at four years of commitment, you start filling on the fly.

A lot of those scenes would never hold-up without a good soundtrack, and it would be painful to watch a drunk without down and dirty blues to help fill the void and bring a powerful beat to his blackened heart.

In the end, I will always be critical of film quality and a few scenes, but never the music.  I am forever grateful to our contributors.  I am very proud to announce that Tavana Mcmoore’s title song “Tumble Down” has won the American Tracks Music Award (international), for “Best Film Score”.  I could’ve put scenes of an elephant pooping to that song, and it would have appeared downright majestic.

Thank you Tavana, and thanks to all of the musical artists.  You made this little indy film so much better.


Film Premiere

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Filmmaking is pretty much over for Blues Legend, although I will never be completely happy with several aspects concerning sound and film quality.

And acting in some areas.

And execution.

And . . . it never ends.  I could tweak forever, but it’s time to put all that aside (for the most part) and concentrate on our premiere showing October 28th (7:30 pm) at The Packing House in Willington, Connecticut.  Time to start the P.R. machine and send ripples out to the media, time to take a deep breath and let our baby fly from the nest.

Stay tuned; these updates will be short but frequent, and up-to-date.

Deep Breath

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The last posting here was February 24th, 2015, and there has been nearly ten months of filming, editing, and locating original soundtrack music.  I put a trailer up on this site called “Life During Voodoo,” which contains some early footage which will be used, but it was short and a little vague.  Now we ramped it up with a two minute blast of action and surreal things that make you go “Huh,” set to Tavana McMoore’s blues track Tumble Down.

The official movie title has become Blues Legend, and harkens more to the music than the Voodoo aspect.  I released this recent work on a limited platform for cast, crew, and friends, until the actual film is complete.  I wanted to do little conglomerations of scenes showing each actor and actress, but quickly realized it would push the movie itself aside for too long, and that ain’t good.

We gotta wrap this puppy for the festivals.

So without further ado, here is the limited release trailer for Blues Legend: